These Stately Gentlemen Congratulate You.

A hot pack of referral cards is heading your way.

You might ask yourself, what exactly do I do with these?

The proven tactics described herein have been shown to elicit a 99% positive response rate from unsuspecting longhairs. Here’s how it goes:

You: “Excuse me Sir [Guy/Dude/Buddy/Boss/Bro/Chief/Hombre]. You have long hair.” [fact]

Him: “Yes I do.”

You: “You’ve been growing that for a long time.” [fact]

Him: “Yes I have.”

You: [hand him a card] “This is for you.” [fact]

Straight facts, no one can disagree with those. And for all you know he might have been on his way to the barber, and you just saved his longhair life.

So don't pass up an opportunity. When you see a man with long hair, do the right thing and hand him a referral card.

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  1. Hair ties & T are shipped. THX to “My Brothers from different Mothers”
    Excited as hell to hook up in San Diego for the Great Cut 2024.
    See Ya Soon, & Let It Ride!!
    Dirty Hairy

  2. I am so impressed Guys! I didn’t I would ever experience anything like “The Longhairs”. I quit cutting my hair in
    1969 when I was denied my h.s. diploma until I cut my “surfer cut”. RAGE!! So, I have living proudly with all of the trial, tribulation, denigrations, family embarrassments, etc. for 54 years! My hair is my badge of honor. I
    know you what I mean after reading through your website. Truly, my mane has made me adhere to my personal code of honor all these years. Today, I am using my first tie, tonight I will use my new shampoo & serum. Looking forward to it my Friends. TTFN from an Elder Flow.

    1. OUR GUY! We finally crossed paths Tommy! So happy you found us, can’t wait to hear what you think about the products.

  3. I have to share this with both Long Hairs and LongHairs.

    After my dad’s passing, I was encouraged to come home and take care of mom. She saw my mane and told me to cut it off like my brother. I told her Hell No! I told her since I was away, I decided to grow my hair to what it is today. We then compromised and agreed to tie my hair. It’s been five years, my coiffure has grown longer, and my mommy no longer whines.

    Thanks, Longhairs, you saved my top!

    P.S. I am a member of a Unitarian Universalist congregation, and the pastor said she would give me a note to my employers saying that my long hair is for religious reasons.

  4. I cannot believe I am ordering more referral cards for my boyfriend!

    When I received the first set with the hair ties I had gotten for him, I thought to myself “I’ll give these to him as sort of a joke – he never likes to talk to people anyway.” He’s not a very social person. When I gave him the ties, I said “Oh and by the way, they sent these cards you are supposed to hand out to other guys with long hair. I have enough crap on my desk – here you take them.” I figured they would just get lost in a junk drawer.

    Well, I was proven so very wrong. Imagine my surprise when he came home from a shopping trip and announced: “You know that guy with the long hair the works at the pet store? I gave him one of those cards from The Longhairs and he really appreciated it.” It only spiraled from there. The guy standing in line at the post office. The guy that works at the gas station. Even the UPS delivery guy!

    He even started carrying them around! So here I am ordering more cards. You see, he’s willing to give them out but it’s up to the Girlfriend to secure more for him.

    BTW he raves about those hair ties.

    1. This is so cool! Love to hear it April. That is one of my favorite things about the referral cards is how it breaks guys out of their comfort zone. Way to be an awesome girlfriend.

  5. Hey dudes, I started transitioning a couple of months ago and I’ll tell you, it’s been rough. It’ll get better, but it’s middle school all over again until these changes plateau out.

    I KNOW I’m a guy with long hair but needless to say, there’s been a lot of societal pressure to chop and keep it short EVEN IF I’d still risk getting misgendered. Well, I didn’t transition to make strangers happy, and in many ways more than one, TheLonghairs.US has helped bolster my self-confidence and reaffirm my commitment to my journey into healthy masculinity. Thank you for everything that you do, and I appreciate you supporting the full spectrum of manliness out there. Proud to be a Longhair.

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