These Stately Gentlemen Congratulate You.

A hot pack of referral cards is heading your way.

You might ask yourself, what exactly do I do with these?

The proven tactics described herein have been shown to elicit a 99% positive response rate from unsuspecting longhairs. Here’s how it goes:

You: “Excuse me Sir [Guy/Dude/Buddy/Boss/Bro/Chief/Hombre]. You have long hair.” [fact]

Him: “Yes I do.”

You: “You’ve been growing that for a long time.” [fact]

Him: “Yes I have.”

You: [hand him a card] “This is for you.” [fact]

Straight facts, no one can disagree with those. And for all you know he might have been on his way to the barber, and you just saved his longhair life.

So don't pass up an opportunity. When you see a man with long hair, do the right thing and hand him a referral card.

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  1. Yo, El Moreno…what a great company. Ive been letting my hair flow off and on since I was 21. Im 66 now. Wish you guys had been around 20+ years ago when my flow was at its thickest and fullest. Anyway, this time may be my last for long hair as Im greying and balding. Ive purchased two of your products, so far. One, the Epic Shampoo & Ideal Conditioner. What a miracle the results have been. Absolutely no tangles but even better, my hair looks thicker on top. I also bought a pack of “camo” hair ties. More miracles; hair has stopped coming out when I pull them off. Im going for the hair serum next.

    1. Yo Matt! I let EL Moreno know about your message. He is pumped to know that our products have helped get your hair looking DIALED. The hair ties should not pull out, tug, tear, or crease your hair, so they are WORKING! All great to know. Let us know how you like the hair serum.🤘

  2. Love, Love my Hair Ties. Was in an accident November 2020. Fractured 5 bones in my wrist. A little challenging using the ties at first with my limited range of motion but I’m getting the hang of it. Have shown off my hair ties to other dudes with Long Hair and got them to pull out their phones and just directed them to the website.

    1. Author

      You are the man Tom! Hope the wrist is healing up. Happy New Year and keep letting it ride!

  3. I’m 66 and rocking the salt and pepper long hair. A little spice brightens up things! Your hair ties are the best. I keep on on my wrist for “tie up emergencies “. I never know when I may need to check under the hood. I love your bands. I’ll be handing out your cards here in Deep East Texas to all the long hairs that live here and all the university students.

    1. Thank you for your support, Ivor! We are stoked to have you repping the gear out there in East TX! Keep lettin’ it ride.🤘

  4. Wondering if you guys have beard band’s The hair bands are good not losing tension.

    1. We don’t but next year we will have xs hair ties that could work for that function.

  5. I’ve talked to a few flow-bros about these products everywhere I go. I’m gonna hand these out faster than Halloween candy.

    1. I got my first batch of your hair ties as a gift. After 30 years of long hair they are the best !

  6. Just gave my 16 y/o longhaired son some bands and a quick rundown of the site. I am hoping he can utilize the available resources to help take care of his mid to lower back locks.

  7. Went to the ER with a hand injury. The radiologist had long hair to his chest. I asked him if he had ever heard of the website, and told him about He had NOT!! He chuckled and went on his way. I’ve ordered the cards and will be handing them out as I talk to others.
    I’m only about 15 months on the journey, but have used info given on the website. You guys are great and provide a good service (and entertainment).
    Oh yeah, my hand’s gonna be fine.

    1. Author

      YO DAVE-O! You let us hang for a minute there with the hand! Glad it’s gonna be fine, but that’s BADASS on your radiologist. Thank you man, glad to have you here and out repping the flow!

  8. Just received my hair ties and they are awesome. I have always been proud of my longhair days young (1971) and old (2021). My pleasure to share my joy.

  9. Got me first 3 sets today. I’ve been using one for the past few hours and love how it holds my hair night and firm but not in the way the elastic rubber band type hair ties would give me a headache and be super uncomfortable for extended periods of time. Love em! Ordered some card to give out too. Everybody deserves to know about these.

  10. I got my first hair ties for guys weekend before last, went right to the website after using them for a day and ordered more. I have already referred two coworkers and one random skateboarder who has been enjoying the 9% to 22% grade of my street the last couple of days (in fact, gave him one of my pony tail holders).

    Need a digital referral card!

  11. Believe or Not. If you want to keep your long beautiful mane, but your work says there is a dress code, join a Unitarian Universalist and ask for a religious exemption. I did, and we had a compromise of tying up my hair. I am using the Longhairs tie. Thanks, El Rubio et al.

    1. Author

      Thanks for sharing Tim, stoked to hear it! Super interesting, would love to hear more. Keep letting it ride man!

  12. Just ordered 2 packs of hair ties for my Longhair boyfriend. We’re both super excited to try these out. Its hard to find ties that work with his ridiculously curly hair. Hope these do the trick. Thanks for offering cool products catering to guys, its awesome!

  13. I ordered the cards! Who does not love a reason to greet complete strangers? But…WHAT IS THE HANDSHAKE

  14. This is my fourth tome growing my hair out. Wish I’d known about you guys sooner! Can’t wait to share with other dudes on the journey!

      1. You guys are the coolest company that I’ve heard of yet really enjoy doing business with you guys keep on growing

  15. Over the course of 2 1/2 years of growing long hair, it’s been a journey and have found it to be symbolic in its own way. Over the course of time you don’t realize it daily, but you change as a person not only physically as in hair growth but as a individual as well. I started with YouTube how to tie the “high ball” and haven’t looked back since at anything other than the longhairs following. I still have my original 4 pack over the last year of the floral selection. Love the positivity of the community Rubio!!!

    1. Author

      Trystan, hell yes man! Stoked to have you here. I have to agree…you really do change as a person, and I’d have to say for the better.

  16. I’m excited to join the longhair fraternity. This is my first time growing my hair out. After not seeing a barber for a few months (thanks covid) I decided to look at long hairstyles and found your site. I laughed and then I watched the video of last years donation and seeing the kids made me break down. The least I can do to make a difference is to give my hair to a kid in need. So at that moment I fully committed to every awkward stage. Because that will be a reminder to why I’m doing it. So I just ordered the hair length tracking shirt, a hat to get me through some awkward stages, and of course some hair ties!! (I had an undercut so the top is already long enough for a small knot) so here’s to a good cause and a fun new chapter in my hair life. Cheers 🍻

    1. YES Kyle! So stoked! Pumped you found us. We are here for you for your entire journey. Keep it up, before you know it you’ll be rocking full flow.

      1. I also had an undercut it was like 8 inches but I cut it and wanted to grow it all to the same length.

  17. You guys rock! Funny as hell. I stayed laughing the whole time threw the site. Love it btw. Def gonna gran some ties. Can’t wait to get my cards! I Rome Dallas, Denton, and Fort Worth streets all the time so I’ll be giving out a BUNCH. Will probably need a restock soon! Going on 4 years of growing. It’s almost to my bellybutton. No chance of scissors Getting close to the mane!

      1. Just ordered the cards, haven’t had the cash to try any of the amazing products you offer, but I’ve been a long time fan of the community. I’ve pretty much swapped long hair to short hair and back again my whole life, always cutting it for stupid reasons and regretting it the next morning(most of my hairmurder happened at night time while trying to sleep and getting frustrated with hairs on my eyes nose mouth etc and chopping it in a fit of rage.) Anyway I just wanted to introduce myself as a long time fan and likely the first and only rep in the woods of lassen county in norcal. LLTL(Long Live The Longhairs)

        1. Author

          YO MICHAEL! Glad to have you here man, hopefully your referral cards have arrived by now. Make sure to sign up for our email list for a coupon on your first purchase. Repping NORCAL amigo! Thanks for being here, KEEP LETTIN IT RIDE!

    1. I’ve already received a couple order of these packs of hair ties and I love them
      The cards you sent with my orders, I’ve handed out. It’s cool to see the look in their eyes.

        1. I’m a mom with super-short hair but I came across your ad while scrolling through Facebook. I showed it to my 20 year old university student son who’s rocking the long, seriously curly locks. He was intrigued! So I ordered him a couple sets of hair ties. He’s anxiously awaiting delivery. Thank you for the fun!

          1. Author

            Hi Tammy, was so happy to read this! Hope your son loves the hair ties!

  18. Love the website! Ordered 2 packs of Hair Ties and can hardly wait to try them!
    This is the second time I’ve grown my hair out. 1st time was for a year in my 20’s but a corporate job opportunity robbed me of going longer (had to cut it for the “corporate culture”.)

    That chapter of life is over and I work for myself so 2 1/2 years ago I started growing it out again.
    I’m rocking full gray to almost the middle of my back and digging it!
    Finding your website is a huge help for care tips and obviously for the Hair Ties!

    I will gladly hand out cards for your products, it will be easy.

    I get the “Longhair Nod” from other longhair guys when in public now I can give them a card!

    Representing you in the Desert Southwest – Phoenix AZ.

    1. Author

      Yo Rick, super pumped to have you here man! Thanks for the comment and stay in touch, we are down for the grey hairs and the silver foxes!

  19. Hair ties love them
    Headband keeps dreads out of face
    Wife wears them, brother in law got us on to them

  20. Just received the hair ties and the fresh green hair serum. Got to admit after applying in my hair I really like the scent.
    Been growing my white hair for 18 months. Growing for”wigs for cancer” my wife passed 3 years ago.
    I was at my barber getting my beard trimmed and one of the guys at the barbershop challenge me to grow my hair out. He’s been doing it for about 3 years. So I took him up on the challenge. Glad I could contribute to the good cause that the long hairs are doing for children with hair loss. Keep up the good work

  21. Seems to me the Longhairs UK chapter needs some representation, so Im smashing it out, the cards I got with my ties are long gone, still spreading the good word though, needing a Longhair following on this side of the pond!!

  22. Had crazy long hair in college. Was gone for 20+ years, but it’s back. Don’t intend to lose it again. I love your company and products. Keep up the good work! I’m happy to represent in Mississippi.✌️

  23. Hey fellow longhairs, I’ve had long locks for quite a few years. First thing you learn is you gotta know how to take care of your flow, and the correct way to do it. In fact many ladies will give you compliments on your hair. So wanted to say thanks from Knoxville,TN. Keep up all the good work, great products. Let the flow grow…

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