These Stately Gentlemen Congratulate You.

A hot pack of referral cards is heading your way.

You might ask yourself, what exactly do I do with these?

The proven tactics described herein have been shown to elicit a 99% positive response rate from unsuspecting longhairs. Here’s how it goes:

You: “Excuse me Sir [Guy/Dude/Buddy/Boss/Bro/Chief/Hombre]. You have long hair.” [fact]

Him: “Yes I do.”

You: “You’ve been growing that for a long time.” [fact]

Him: “Yes I have.”

You: [hand him a card] “This is for you.” [fact]

Straight facts, no one can disagree with those. And for all you know he might have been on his way to the barber, and you just saved his longhair life.

So don't pass up an opportunity. When you see a man with long hair, do the right thing and hand him a referral card.

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  1. May I please have more than 5 cards this time? I unloaded those in an afternoon.
    Because you are encouraging men to step it up and be great (something I see as truly necessary) I want to do what I can to support The Longhairs.
    Passing out these cards is easy and fun, as the guys get really excited both to be introduced to a group where they belong, and to be asked about their long hair.
    The town where I live is lousy with longhairs…since I have no cards, I just ask guys to give me their phones and I pull up your site for them. As I walk away they are smiling and laughing as they dash around the content.
    So just go ahead and send me a fat, healthy stack and let me be your Marin County cheerleader, ok?

  2. Absolutely loved finding this and reading the intro. I have long hair and so does my wife and she LOVES my long hair. Always get profiled like I’m a person of interest.

  3. Just want to say you are ROCK!!! i already grow my hair around two years. let it be 🤟🏻

  4. Got my ties, serum, and cards heading to Texas. Been growing my hair 2 years now and thanks to y’all I know how to take care of it at least, glad y’all are here to stay.

    1. Author

      Michael, hell yes man! Lotta longhairs in Texas, believe it or not, especially round Austin. Glad to have you here amigo, stay in touch and keep lettin it ride!

  5. I work in for a community college in Kansas. I just ordered some cards to hand out to our students with long hair. They are super stoked!

  6. So excited to get these! Just started growing, and many years to come!

  7. Check-in from Asheville, NC spreading the longhair love. Hope the refer cards I give out send business and brotherhood your way.

  8. selamat petang from Brunei!!! **where in the hell is Brunei?! thats a typical question haha.. its just a small coutry near malaysia.. ive been growing for a year now and havent thought on cutting it anytime soon.. i have watched all your videos on youtube, awesome stuff man.. and i showed my longhairs the hair ties, and they ordered imediately! haha sick man.. the secret handshake, we do it evry time we meet haha awesome.. id love to share the cards and maybe promote the hairties, cause its sick! and hoping to increase the longhairs population here in Brunei!

    1. Author

      Selamat Petan Judin! Been to Malaysia several times, have yet to cross over into Brunei.

      Thanks for writing in mate, and for repping The Longhairs in your fine region of the world. Keep lettin it ride man!

    1. That would be cool but could not give them away for free at that point. Or do you just mean printed on the card?

      1. Yea I suppose that’s a good point then some people would just be ordering the cards to get the free ties.

  9. Hey guys! Got by first order of hair ties; so far, working well and looking good.

    I’m 62 years old and a veteran of the early Hair Wars of the late 60s and early 70s.

    At age 23, I joined the Army (the barber was almost salivating when it came my turn under his clipper.) After my discharge, I went to work for the Las Vegas municipal court which, while it had no formal rules on men’s hair length, was very much a short-hair culture with much pressure by our judges to conform…
    Fast-forward 25 years. I retired out of the court and began working select gigs in the private sector. About this time it dawned on me that I no longer had pressure to conform to any dress code but my own. That was when my journey back to Longhair-dom kicked into gear.

    Since then my hair has been as long as my lower back, yet no shorter than shoulder length. (Summer in Las Vegas!)
    Finally, in the last 2 months, I discover you guys on Youtube. That’s when I got busy educating myself on the right way to maintain my flowing, graying locks.

    So Thank You! for your work and your products, guys… Just one thing – I didn’t get any referral cards with my order!! Please reply as to whether they are still available and how I can get some to lay on my fellow Silverback Longhairs in my city…

    1. YO! El Canoso,

      Awesome to hear man. So glad you found us and thanks for sharing a bit of your story, love that you are holding it down for the older guys. You probably did not get any of the referral cards with your order because we ran out. If you want to share your info to our support line at [email protected] I’ll make sure we get a stack of cards headed your way.

  10. Ordered!

    4 months in to growing out the mane. Just reaching the eyes (longest it has ever been!). Going for the shoulders at a minimum. I was pretty determined to start growing it out at the end of 2017, but then I found The Long Hairs and it set my goal in stone!

    Starting the awkward stage and received my first compliment! lol. Ive been sending anyone I know with slightly long to long hair links to the site or bringing it up in conversation. It will be great to have these cards to pass out in the Indianapolis area!


  11. Just ordered some, will spread the word here in Portugal! Do you ship your products here as well? I’m thinking of using my 20% discount on the Spy, the full grey hat.

  12. I was on a college trip travelling all around Morocco and realized that it has been 4 months from my last haircut. The reality is very different from what I was used to. People didn’t have a lot, but they made the most from whatever little they had, and they were still happy nonetheless.

    After the trip I decided to not cut my hair and swore to myself that I would reach for a year without cutting it. Even against the occasional haters I would remember that the awkward phase would be nothing compared to the harsh realities I witnessed back there. I would do things my way this time.

    Until that 12 month goal was reached, there was this lost 20 year old googling around who by accident discovered “TheLongHairs”. Granted my journey started without knowing this community, your blog and the videos really kept me motivated during my quest and the reason I was doing it was becoming clearer every day: More than a destination, it’s the journey that I’m going trough.

    It’s easy to compliment a guy with nice hair down to his waist. But ultimately only he knows how hard the journey was, and he was alone for a great part of that journey, probably until he found this website, where people who once had these same struggles form a real community.

    I am now at 38 months of growth with about 20 inches of reasonably healthy hair. I’m going for 6 years now and the longhairs is part of that inspiration, along with those sick 80’s hair bands. I’ll put those cards to good use I promise.

    Off topic: have you ever taught about launching your own line of flat irons? I love my waves but sometimes I wonder how I would look with El Rubio/El Moreno silky, smooth, bone straight, badass locks! Cheers!

    1. Author

      Yo Rui! Fantastic story man. Thanks for sharing it here, and very glad you found us what sounds like quite some time ago.

      Hope you will consider joining us for The Great Cut. We will be glad to have you there.

      We’ll look into the flat irons. Need to start w/ trying them out ourselves first.

      Thanks again amigo, and keep lettin it ride!

  13. Ordered my pack. I don’t normally do this, but if I’m doing this it’s because I’m a Longhairs advocate. Keep up the good work guys!

  14. I bought 4 packs of hairties for my Longhair spouse. He loves them. Has been growing out 4 years. Long, flowing locks. He always wanted to do it, and has been happy with his new look.

  15. It’s time that Pennsylvania learns of the Longhairs. I’ve been rocking it for years, but now I can help my fellow lengthy-haired-gentleman learn how to keep their stuff in order. We’re making the world more handsome, one head of silky strands at a time. Thanks for the awesome videos and products for guys that just didn’t know where to go when it came to long hairstyles and advice for men regarding their manes. The women’s aisle can be a dangerous place for one’s ego.

  16. Great website and company! A good friend of mine pointed me in your guy’s direction. After reading about you company and watching a few of the videos I was on board and got my locks the missing attention they need by swooping up some “Hair Serum” and two packs of “Hair Ties for Guys”. Thanks dudes!! I started sporting the merch as soon as it arrived and have already educated a few of my fellow longhair Hotshot bros. I use to say longhair don’t care, but I know now that was never true. Cause longhairs do care and I’m gonna do what I can to spread the longhairs gospel. So keep it rocking in the free world bromosapians, and let it ride!

    1. Maddog!

      So awesome to hear man and stoked you’re rocking it hard. Thanks for spreading the word man means a ton!

  17. Just started growing my hair out a little over a year now out during my senior year of high school, stoked to hand these out for real. Peace from Texas.

  18. When I was younger I used to have long hair but everytime I go too long my girlfriend would say just cut the ends off and just split ends. Well I’m 45 years old now and loving my hair long I’m on my third and a half year and it’s just getting to the right length now. Halfway down my back feels just great on a bareback with your hair rubbing on it. I’ll never cut it again. Ever. Thanks for the cards that you’re sending.
    PS. My best friend has longer hair than me is it down to his ass I’ve known him for 2 years he was inspiration. Look forward to the cards ciao for now.

  19. Hey, I love you guys and what you stand for. I have always wanted long hair but my school’s rules said it couldn’t be past the ears or collar but now I’m home schooled. Soooo f#ck you school I am letting my mane free forever now. I am somewhat young(16 yrs. Old) and just discovered you guys last week. I was just wondering if I could have some cards to hand out to some long hair veterans that I see. Please and thank you if you send some. If not, I still love yall.

    P.S. I have been growing my hair out for 8 and 1/2 month from and undercut, 2 inch on top and 1/4 inch to bald fade on sides.

    1. Nice River, did you fill out the Referral card form? If you did that we will for sure send them your way.

  20. I’m in Ohio and just ordered my cards. Will most definitely hand them out. 16 and been growing for about 9 months.

  21. Well I got the longhairs covered in Ontario Canada too, Windsor to be more exact. Gotta share the love for the longhairs!!! Definitely going to pass out the referral cards. And I work in a clinic so I meet a lot of longhairs!! <3

    1. Author

      We see ya Krystal! Thanks for being an advocate and sharing the love!

  22. THANK YOU FOR THIS GIFT ! I can”t wait to hand these out to,family,friends,co workers,and to the fellow church goers!

  23. El Rubio, I’ve been a proud subscriber to your channel on the Youtube’s for a few months now and I’ve been a proud longhaired guy for roughly 5 years, had it shorter and across my face for a few years but recently decided I was going to grow it out, and man that’s the best decision I’ve had in ages. I just wanted to thank you for all the tips and tricks you’ve shared, they’ve really helped through the tough times of finding an appropriate style, and good work on the website here, a few points on your website made me giggle, like when I was pressing a button it said ”yes, click here” great professional and friendly website 🙂

    1. Author

      Yo Daniel! Thanks for the comment man, we’re pumped to have you as part of the community. Also love hearing your feedback on the site. We put a lot of energy into it, so it’s really great to hear the appreciation. Keep lettin’ it ride man! And if there’s ever anything we can do for you give us a holler.

  24. Cant wait to get these cards and pass them out to any long hairs or any aspiring long hairs. Been growing my hair for about 2 years and have never looked backed!! It may be annoying and a hassle but nothing beats the feeling of having long flowing hair 😀

    1. Author

      Yo Aaron glad you found us and pumped up on the cards man! They are coming your way. Keep the stoke.

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