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Can’t Make It To The Great Cut?

First...are you certain? We sure would love to have you there.

Obligatory last ditch effort aside, we’ve had a lot of folks ask if they can donate hair without attending the event.

The official Guinness Record does not specify whether hair collected for donation must be cut on the premises of the record attempt, and after confirming with our Guinness World Records guy, we have the green light.


Therefore we are proud to offer a new Mail-In Donor option. Now you can donate from anywhere, help change a kid’s life, and your hair will count towards the world record attempt.

Even more dope, Mail-In Donors will still receive a gift bag.

All that being said, if you don’t want to cut your hair...we understand. We don’t expect you to cut it, and we hereby grant you a waiver of honor.


Could you be responsible for one person donating? A family member, or a friend?

You see...this is the biggest thing. Not just for us, but for the kids right now, today, who are learning for the first time they cannot grow their own hair.


A girl whose hair is falling out in clumps, who is just learning she has alopecia.

A boy who is being told for the first time there is no cure for trichotillomania.

A toddler who survived severe burns, to learn she will never grow hair in that place again.

If we hit our goals...The Great Cut will help provide 200 children with a quality hair replacement, that will be cherished above any gift they could receive:

the gift of a normal life.


And frankly, if you follow The Longhairs, if you are a longhair, or an advocate or a supporter, if you are pulling for us…

This is our biggest thing. Bigger than hair ties or Shark Tank, bigger than anything we’ve ever done, personally or professionally. This is our great challenge, and to be honest it is daunting. But it’s not until we reach beyond what we’re capable of, that we find out what we can really achieve.

So with everything you’ve done to support us so far, we humbly beseech you: will you take responsibility upon yourself to see that one person donates hair to The Great Cut?

Who could you gently persuade to part ways with their locks?
  • A guy with long hair who has talked about cutting it
  • Your mom/sister/aunt/daughter/cousin
  • Co-workers/colleagues/classmates
  • Anyone whose hair you are jealous of

Shoot, you can find a nice gal friend, pay for her registration and work a deal where she gets the coin and you keep the shades. Maybe split the hair ties, there’s plenty of room for negotiation.

The point is, if you can help us get one person…you can be part of something special.

We always try to make it easy, so here’s a short message you can copy and DM to anyone who might be willing to donate their hair:

Hi! Say, would you be interested in cutting your hair for charity? My friends are collecting hair donations to help Children With Hair Loss provide free wigs for 200 kids who can’t grow their own hair! Check it out:
Children With Hair Loss Requirements
  • Hair must be at least 8 inches in length (pulled straight), although longer is preferred.
  • Any hair in good condition will be accepted, including dyed, chemically-treated, grey hair and locs (dreadlocks).
  • Hair must be clean and dry, in a ponytail or braided, and secured on both ends.

What do you say? Will you help?

3/16/19 - SAN DIEGO, CA


2,000 Haircuts For Kids Who Can't Grow Hair
Let us know who you messaged in the comments. And thank you.


  1. Our 8 and 9 year old daughters had their hair cut today for donation for the first time for Children with Hair Loss and we came across your event. What an incredible blessing you all are and they are excited to be a part of something so amazing. I just registered as a mail in. I will send the hair as soon as I get the info from you. They told me today that they want to donate every time they get their hair back to being long enough to donate.
    We will share the info about your event with our home school community too! Will be praying for your event!

  2. My daughter just registered as a mail in and is cutting her hair tonight. Is it possible to get the instructions asap? We have not received the email as of yet.

    1. Hey Modisico! I see that it was sent to you. Maybe just took a couple minutes to hit your inbox.

  3. Hi we are coming to the event two of us are donating will there be any times set up for the hair cuts or do you just show up we have already registered

    1. Hi Pat! You will be put into a group that will have a 4 hour block of time for when you will be cut. We will be emailing you those details and your prescribed block in the coming weeks.

  4. Just paid for the mail in! When will the instructions come? Also, I have layers, a 14″ and an 8″ so should I separate the lengths?

    1. Hi Kalina!

      Thanks for registering. The instructions should have been emailed just after you received your ticket. Have you still not received them?

  5. Been growing my hair since my almost 3 year old daughter was born (her hair is still not ready to donate). This will be my 4th time donating over the years. SOOOO happy you added the mail-in option. Registration, check. Just waiting on the mailing instructions. Was planning to bring the whole fam down to the event, but we are expecting kid #2. Can’t fly beginning in March and driving unfortunately wasn’t an option this time. Looks like it will be a great time boys. Awesome job helping the kids. Let’s get that record!

    1. YEA Tyler! Thanks for getting on board man, stoked! Congrats on kid #2, I have my second coming in a couple weeks. Have you still not received the mailing instructions?

  6. My daughter and I have both donated to CWHL before – amazing organization. For mail-in donations, is there a way to designate NOT to send a gift bag? Your swag is cool, but I’d rather you save the goodies and postage towards helping the kids.

    1. Author

      Hi Laura! Thank so much, we are thrilled to have you participate!

      Hard to believe ANYONE wouldn’t want the goodies 🙂 but you make a great point. We’ll add an option to the registration to pass on the gift bag.

      Thank you again!

  7. I have donated to “Children Without Hair” 3 times. I have first hand seen friends and family fight the battle of cancer. This is an area that I too am passionate about. I ended up donating my hair this past October out of fear of my receding hairline. I surprisingly had a fear of losing my hair before the donation deadline. Presently, as my hair is short I see my hair is coming back! I may be a fellow longhair once again!

    I am presently convincing a female co-worker to donate her hair and offering to pay for both her haircut and registration fee. She is considering donating. What makes her reluctant is she is an actress on the side. She is contemplating if short hair would complement her field of passion. I am praying that she would be willing to make the sacrifice for this cause.

    1. Author

      Señor Sabor! Amazing to hear you’ve donated THREE TIMES, and thrilled to hear your hair is growing back sir! Thank you for spreading the message, I hope you can get your co-working to help! Glad to have you here in this community.

  8. I’m In! I have donated to Children With Hair Lost before!!! Great Cause!! Thanks for doing this! Onward to losing 10 inches of hair!

  9. I work at a shop that found out about your organization at the Orlando Hair Show a couple of years ago. One of the great points that we liked and reason we started donating to your organization was the fact that the kids were NOT charged for their wigs or hair pieces. Is this still true? If so, please point this out to people as it was a major consideration for us. We won’t be attending, yet think we may sponsor a cutathon for you. We have a large bag about to make it’s way to you now… Thank you for all you do!

    1. Author

      Hi there, thanks for the note!

      You are talking about our charity partner, Children With Hair Loss. And yes, they’re the only organization of their kind who serve these children completely free of charge, with no hidden fees, financial reporting or required appearances.

      You are commenting here on The Longhairs, organizers of The Great Cut, a charity event benefitting Children With Hair Loss.
      We welcome your participation in The Great Cut, a mail-in donation, your own cut-athon, or however you are willing to support. Thank you again!

  10. Just curious what the registration fee goes to? I know you can send your hair absolutely free to children with hair loss, we’ve done it twice now. Just want to know if its being donated as well.

    1. Hi Kathryn! Great question thanks for asking. The Mail-in registration will help us cover the cost of The Great Cut. The proceeds will help contribute to our financial donation goal of 200K which will provide 200 kids with real hair wigs through Children With Hair Loss. In return for your $30 Mail-in registration fee we’ll send you an exclusive participant gift bag including:

      – The Great Cut drawstring backpack
      – The Great Cut commemorative challenge coin
      – Special Release “Let It Ride” Knockaround™ Sunglasses
      – Children With Hair Loss™ Hair Ties For Guys™

      It’s a win win for everyone involved. You can check more out here.

  11. I am so, SO disappointed that my hair won’t be ready to cut for another year or two. But I am sharing this on Facebook in the hopes that one or more of my friends and family will participate!

    1. AWESOME Anna! Thanks so much! You can still come to the event and take part in all the festivities. San Diego trip sounds nice eh?

  12. I have hair to donate! Please give me instructions on how to participate in this. Thank you!

  13. We will send my daughter’s hair. She was diagnosed with leukemia at age 4. She is now 12 and wants her hair to help another child ❤️🎗

    1. Author

      Amazing Kim. So glad for your daughter, please send her our thanks and our warmest hair-whipping regards. 🙂 🙂

  14. I have TWO donations to send in ( both my own) and have shared on FaceBook. You should include the qualifications for the hair on this event post as I had to find it on the website. My hair is color-treated and many hair donation organizations won’t accept it. To date, Locks of Love was the only ones I knew of that accepted it. I was so glad to discover you don’t have such stringent demands!!!

    1. Author

      Thanks for the suggestion, it’s done!

      And more thanks for participating and sharing, we are deeply grateful.

  15. you ought to put a topic on reddit/fierceflow, where much longhair announce their resignation to stay longhairs for much reasons

  16. I have already registered for mail donation and paid the fee. Thought this email would be the instructions you said you would send. Do you know how long it takes to get the instructions? I don’t want to end up having to overnight in my hair and have no idea if there is a specific salon in my area with whom I can get an appointment for the cut. (Very) Eager to get the instruction packet (may help with friend solicitation of I can tell then what would be involved with a mail in after registration). Thanks

    1. Author

      Yo Chris! Sorry for any confusion while our email instructions weren’t sending. I’ve sent to you directly.

      Thanks for registering man!

  17. Hey, glad you’re allowing Mail Ins !
    Though I guess it’s not available overseas ?
    Guess I’m missing that one… But I hope you’re gonna try to break your own record in a few years from now, and that time, I’ll be able to come !

    Anyway, much love for you guys !

    1. Author

      Yo Paul! Mail-In participation is definitely available overseas! We hope you’ll consider SENDING IT. Thank you man, appreciate the kind words amigo!

  18. Great news about the mail in option – San Diego is a little too far from Sheffield, England on my wage lads!

    Been fancying a trim for a while but my rebellious side keeps getting the better of me, so the Great Cut gives me a good enough reason to lop the locks. Be signing up ASAP boys but wish I could be there in person. Hope all goes to plan! 🤘

    1. Author

      Heck yeah Jon! Sad you won’t be able to join us in person, but thrilled you will mail in. Just don’t lose touch of the rebellious side mate!

  19. Kind of sad to here you can mail in hair. We are from New York reserved for me and my granddaughter. Have a hotel and booked our airline how many donators do you have for hair so far

    1. Author

      Hello Pat! I don’t understand why you are sad? We are thrilled to have you come to San Diego! We promise to make it an extra special experience. Please let us know if we can alleviate any concerns you may have. And thank you!

  20. I was going to come my bold bad-ass amigos but the shutdown has shriveled my resources like a winkie after 12 hours in a chilled pool. Send me the bag, brah.

    1. Author

      Crusher. But worth the laugh. Hope you’ll still donate via mail-in.

      Thanks for the comment hombre, warm up some.

  21. Let me get this straight. You want me to cut my hair for a kid that needs hair? That’s great I’m willing to do that, but you also want to charge me $50.00 to do that? Sorry, can’t do.

    1. Author

      Consider this: how much would you pay to go to a concert, music festival, run in a marathon, adventure race, or any all-day entertainment venue? This event goes from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Plus you get the gift bag, that alone is worth over $50.

      All in all it’s an excellent value ticket.

      Also, Mail-In registration is only $30, I’m not sure if you were interested in coming to the event or mailing your hair.

      In any case, thanks for the comment mate and being willing to donate your locks!

  22. I posted this info and link to the public on facebook and hope it helps. I plan to donate my hair as well and have been growing it for years now and it is down to the arch of my back. I grow it to donate it for these children. This will be my second time at doing this. I always make mention and share their site info to encourage others to donate their hair or money to this group.

  23. Getting my shoulder length hair cut off next week. I will send it!

      1. Is it too late for the mail in????? Just browsing the web looking for a charitable organization; came across this just a week too late! Is there an “end time” when the Guinness book allows to count hair AFTER 3/16? Thanks!

  24. I plan on giving a hair donation and plan to send it to you. Please advise as to how/when you would like to receive it as well as the minimum length. Thanks!

    1. Author

      Equus, good to hear from you. We had hoped you would join us in person of course, but all good.

      We’ll send specific mailing instructions when you register. The minimum length is 8″, and you can read the rest of the requirements here.

      Hope you are doing well amigo.

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