1. What’s the go with the black packs of hair ties? Are they out of stock since El Humberinos comment or have I missed out since the restocking? I’d love some.

    1. Author

      Yo Jimmy! Yea it will be a few weeks before we have them fully back in stock.

  2. I was just perusing the shop when I noticed the absence of black packs of v2 hair ties. Did I miss something, or are they no longer offered?

    Keep up the great work, gentlemen!

  3. Just want to put out there, for anyone trying to grow their hair out, that it’s okay to feel uncomfortable amd awkward during the process. It is normal for people to make fun of your hair, or tell you to get it cut, or call you a hippie. People may call you a woman, or “Shaggy”, or whatever insult they can think of. Just ignore them. I have been growing my hair out for at least two years, and people still tell me I need to get my hair cut, that I’ll look and feel better with short hair. My advice to you is simple: if YOU want to grow your hair out, let those manly locks flow. Unless YOU want to shear your mane off, don’t listen to everyone telling you that you need a hair cut. Trust me–when your hair gets long, you won’t regret going through the “awkward stage”. It’s all worth it in the end.

  4. Thanks El Moreno, that’s good to hear. Love you guys, in a manly kind of way 🙂

  5. Hello fella’s, quick question please.. I am over 12 months in and things are going pretty well, all things considered, but what is becoming a pain in the ass is the back of the hair curling up at the neck line. Any advice about this would be really appreciated as its really starting to look daft! I’ve cut the very back about twice over the last year so that the overall length catches up so the actual length at the neck is not that long yet although the top is almost reaching there. Do you just persevere and wait for it to grow and maybe the overall weight would sort out the issue? As problems in life go it ain’t a major one but none the less it’s really starting to piss me off right now! Thanks guys, keep up all the great work (have just ordered some of the v2’s)

    1. Author

      Yo Nick! Yup, the weight will sort itself out once it starts really draping the shoulders. Just hang in, couple more months and that problem will go away.

  6. Are your hair ties really less damaging? I’ve been using those awful damaging ones for far too long. My hair is in bad shape. Can you double them up to get a smaller (tighter) diameter?

    1. They are less damaging and easier on your hair. Any time you tie your hair up you are risking some damage. You can get a tighter diameter, most customers have said they were only able to wrap it around twice. In V2 we’re going to add a little extra length so you can get it around three times. Hope this helps man.

  7. Can you guys do a shout out on YouTube to all the boys out there with long hair? My son is dedicated to his long locks but gets constant grief about them from other people – both kids and adults. He knows how to handle the kids respectfully and I handle any adults who give him grief, but that only addresses part of the issue. If boys who are facing ridicule for their hair could hear words of encouragement, support, and acceptance from men who share their love of long hair, I think it would go a long way to boost their self-esteem.

    1. Mae Mae! Yours is a very important comment, and there are a lot of levels here—some we covered in our podcast last week. It’s a topic that deserves more discussion, in the meantime we’re gonna put some thought into doing the video you suggested. Thanks for the comment and bringing this to our attention. Please stay tuned and we’ll dive a little deeper on this. Until then, tell your son he’s a badass (you have a better word??) and The Longhairs are pullin for him! Thanks again.

  8. Customizable hair ties? Or solid colors including best color in the world black? Can we make that happen!? Hair long for 6 years and feels good to see the brotherhood United supporting the mane ???

    1. Author

      Oh yea man! Solid colors are coming especially black (most requested). Love the customizable idea, not quite there yet.

  9. Hey Longhairs !!!! I just discovered this website, came across one of your videos on YouTube. I am SO glad this exists !!! Can’t believe I missed so much of this.
    I have grown out my hair a few time now for the past 10 years or so, switching between cycles of long hair/short hair with occasional head-shaves (to get healthier new hair, for a change, or just because). I have it long now, it has been almost 3 years, and except for a very few occurrences of clipping some ends that got out of hand, I haven’t touched it. It’s slightly longer than El Rubio’s hair in the Fishtail Braid video. Less slick though, more “waiving”, and therefore a little painful some times.
    I will, however, cut it a little tomorrow, by myself (hence my YT search and then finding you). I want it nice and beautiful because I have a lot of headbanging coming may way: planning for some awesome Rock & metal gigs for the next 6-9 months!

    I realize this is a blog, not a forum, but I must ask for tips and help:
    – As my hair grew longer, it naturally fell on each side of my head, thus parting in the middle. I have the nasty impression this parting line is balding, not quite sue, could be just natural since hair is falling under its own weight. But even when I pull it back for a classic ponytail, the parting line is obvious. Yet, you guys don’t have it as clear in the videos. Any idea why is that? (incidentally: if I shave my head, which I will do in 6-9 months to start over again, will the parting linen disappear?!)

    – Any tips on taking care of long hair (products, shampoos, how, how much and how often to cut it to keep it strong and under control)
    – What do you think of hair clips? for half-ponytails (samurai style, not sure how to name it). With ties, my hair is so long that it falls down and I can’t maintain it up, plus the untied part curves on the sides and spreads wide on my shoulders (used to be way nicer a year and a half ago when much shorter)

    Thank you SO much for existing , Long Live Longhairs |m|


    1. Ö-Dog!

      Glad you finally found us, we’ve been waiting for you.

      And there’s nothing like headbanging with those long beautiful locks. Street cred.

      Dude, there are about 1,000 tips and tutorials on this website. Best suggestion is to sign up for Quick Tips:

      As for the problem with your hair parting: I’m sure it’s at least partly due to the weight of your hair pulling down on either side. Try brushing it all straight back when you tie it up, you should be able to conceal said part. And yes, when you shave your head, the part line will disappear.

      Make sure when you cut your hair you donate to Locks of Love man! Needs to be at least 9 inches to donate.

  10. I just discovered your site while searching for new hair ties. I’ve used invisibobbles and the usual bands but I prefer something which is secure but not too tight. Your bands look like they have a good stretch!

    My question is, would you ship to the UK?

    And on a selfish note, would you consider adding plain colours to your range (black/grey/red/orange etc). The coloured ones add a nice pop of colour for outfits, but for workwear/formal events a lovely black or grey would be very classy!

    1. Author

      DUDE Welcome!! Yes, we’ve sent about 12 orders across the pond and straight into the UK. And yes we’re working on some more discreet colors. Will be dropping later this year.

  11. I’ve always had issues with my hair getting frizzy. When my hair was in the awkward stage lets just say it was more awkward than usual… anyways I got into hats to keep it at bay until I could tie it back, but due to my own business ventures new hats that actually fit are unfortunately not in the budget and with hair as thick as mine, generic hair ties aren’t cutting it (or surviving) any suggestions on my options to keep it at bay for now?

        1. Author

          HAHA! Look at it like this. It’s 3 bucks to keep your hair out of your face, and trust me, these are way different and better than any ties you’ve ever tried or we’ll give you your money back.

  12. More of a shipping question I suppose! Is there any chance you’ll be shipping the Hair Ties for Guys to the UK? I’m sick of using the abrasive, non-durable supermarket ones. Cheers!

  13. Any tips for swimming with long hair? Recommended practices for tying it up or leaving it down.. or how to handle it when you get out of the pool ?

    1. Yo Andrew thanks for the comment and your questions! When swimming you can leave it down, let it float free in the water, plus gives you the chance to perform the water hairwhip. However, especially when swimming in a pool, it’s very important that you rinse your hair with fresh water as soon as possible after getting out of the water. Pool water has chlorine and other chemicals that are damaging to your hair. Even if you can’t wash it right away, always rinse with fresh water whenever possible after getting out.

      Hope this helps, keep letting it ride man.

  14. I noticed all the cool merch in the men’s aisle, and I’m counting down the days until the hair ties for men release. But I was wondering if you guys thought about making beanies? For those days you tie your hair all up and just want to button down the hatches and thrown on some cover, you know? I rock beanies all the time and would love to rep the longhairs initiative on my head, but I don’t wear hats (for some reason I just don’t mix well with them). So, if you want to look into other merch, may I suggest that you look into beanies…and everything from basic black to cool patterns. Let it Ride!

    1. Yo Drew! Hair ties are in the pipeline as I type! Great idea, we rock some beanies ourselves and it’d be sick to have some w/ Longhairs swag. Putting that up in the idea box man you can count on seeing these sooner or later. Thanks for the idea, we appreciate it!

  15. Hello,

    Firstly, I wanna say that this website is awesome and cool.

    I too am in the process to reach the sacred longhair-dom. But I just started. The last time I went for a cut was 2 months ago. And I’ve been facing a problem with dandruff (only recently). I live in a country where the weather is tropical. So, sun and rain everyday. I shampoo and condition once in two days. Oh and I drink plenty of water

    I am getting stick from my friends and family about the dandruff although it’s not that bad (they’re just haters hahaha)

    Can you help me please

    1. Yo Faisal! Many people believe they have dandruff, which is a true medical condition, when they just have a dry, flaky scalp. Sounds like you already condition every other day, which is good moisturizing, but it’s possible you could be shampooing too often. I would start by trying to dial that back to once every 3-4 days and see if that helps (you can still condition every 2 days). You might also try using coconut oil once a week.

      If you do truly have dandruff you would want to get that diagnosed and treated by a doctor, but like I said most of the time it’s just a dry scalp. Hope this helps man!

  16. I decided to grow my hair out 5 or 6 months ago now and it is getting really annoying. My fringe comes down to around about my chin, and my sides are almost over my ears. It’s just getting plain frustrating, when the wind is whipping in your face and you can’t see anything. I tend to try and wear hats as much as possible but sometimes don’t get the opportunity due to certain events. I have vowed not to cut it, and will stick to that until I reach my goal, which is around shoulder length. I’m glad I came across this website, now seeing just seeing how many people are out there committed to growing out their mane, and willing to help and encorage others. Any advise for growing it out (especially keeping it neat as I receive many comments from people about how messy it can be!)

    1. Yo B! Thanks for you comment. Blog post this week is going to be right up your alley.

  17. I am dying for a dating/social networking site for guys that have long hair. It would be amazingly helpful for guys and gals to know who is into that kind of style. I probably see a guy I’m attracted to once every 5 years because the long hair just doesn’t exist much where I live. HELP! =)

    1. Had not heard that one yet Ashley! But maybe that’s an idea for our next business venture. Scouring the internet in search of communities for men with long hair, we did find a Facebook group called “Men with long hair,” and a few others like it. Don’t know if they are dating groups necessarily, but they seem to be down for those longhairs. Maybe see what they have to offer? Thanks for following and writing in!

    2. Hello fellow longhairs!! I have my hair long for the first time in my life right now, (shoulder length and going) I was really excited to find this site. Throughout history men with long hair were making a statement, it meant a higher standard in society or marked a warrior. Longhairs as a men’s long hair community is a good step to bringing back some of that lost honor and stature that used to be associated with having well taken care of long hair as a man. So well done fellas!! As far as the hair ties though I have to say I was disappointed. I ordered a pack of the 1984’s, incidentally my birth year. Put the black and blue one on my wrist and used both correctly, equally and not excessively for only one week and they are both coming apart. I get they won’t last forever but a week for ties that cost almost $5 each!? That’s unacceptable in my book. A higher strength stitch and elastic would do the trick. I apologize for posting this here but I’m not able to join the email club for some reason and I couldn’t find any other contact info.
      Love the site though, keep it up!

      1. Yo J! Thanks for writing in man. If you have a chance check out our last post, we are addressing the issue w/ the hair ties in our next product run. We totally agree the ties need to hold up longer! In the meantime hit us up at [email protected], send a picture of your hair ties and we’ll get you taken care of. Appreciate you writing in and the kind words man! Let’s get you dialed w/ your hair ties and we’ll take it from there!

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