A Fireside Reading of “Dads With Long Hair”

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Dad Had His Day

Among the legendary posts in the scrolls of The Longhairs history, here we bring you a Fireside Reading of Dads With Long Hair.

While the copy could stand alone in its own right, what makes this post particularly mythical is the original photography, featuring dozens upon dozens of photos submitted by our faithful readers over the last several Father’s Days.

After listening here, you must go and visit the original post to see the photos. And frankly, we sure would appreciate you sending your own photos of dad, that we might add them to the collection.

What’s more? Since you still haven’t gotten anything for dad, we’ve got you covered.

Purchase a Father’s Day gift card for $25 and get a free pack of hair ties.

Dad can use the gift card for anything in our shop, and if you end up keeping the hair ties for yourself...hey, we’re not going to tell anyone.

Simply add a $25 gift card to your cart and select a pack of hair ties. Discount will automatically be applied at checkout. And if you are dad...? You get it all.

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